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Home >> Books about Soccer >> Skills and Strategies for Coaching Soccer [ Printable Version ]

Skills and Strategies for Coaching Soccer

by Alan Hargreaves

From the Publisher
". . . this is an excellent book for coaches at all levels. . . .Many of the drills are player-centred, and logically develop in degrees of difficulty. They are challenging but possible, thus increasing a play's chances of success. This in turn will improve a player's self-concept and motivate him or her to play and train harder. I have no hesitation in recommending this book to the general readership of CAHPER." CAHPER Journal "As Chairman of the Ethics Committee with the NSCAA/ISAA, I found Coach Hargreaves' approach to coaching refreshing. He devoted a significant amount of space in developing his personal philosophy and a personal code of ethics. This is something that all soccer coaches should read and heed. . . . A quality piece of work. . . ." Joseph W. Bean, Soccer Coach Wheaton College "Skills and Strategies for Coaching Soccer is the most comprehensive book on soccer that I have read. It is complete, advising the coach or potential coach on everything from philosophy to set plays. . . . a very useful coaching tool." John A. Reeves, Professor and Director of the Division of Physical Education and Athletics State University of New York at Stony Brook

About the Author
Alan Hargreaves, MA, MEd, played for Lancashire, Loughborough Colleges and English Universities. A fully qualified Football Association coach, he directed national residential coaching courses for players up to 18 years of age and co-directed the Soccer Academy for Young Players in California. He was head coach for the British Colleges soccer team and coached professional soccer for five years--two years with Stoke City and three years with Crewe Alexandra. He has conducted numerous coaches and players courses in England and California and is a consultant in Fitness Training for soccer and hockey. Formerly chairman of the Madeley School of Graduate Physical Education, Alan directed the fitness training program for the 1980 and 1984 British Olympic Men's Field Hockey Team. He has also worked extensively in universities with USFA coaching awards courses and soccer coaching clinics as well as residential camps, many for American Youth Soccer Organizations. In his leisure time, he enjoys golf and traveling.

Book Description
With Skills and Strategies for Coaching Soccer, you have access to 120 drills for teaching skills to players at all levels--from beginning to intermediate to advanced. And for each skill, you'll find drills for players at different levels of development. Some of the basic skills presented include collecting and controlling, passing, dribbling, kicking, heading, goalkeeping, and the throw in. You'll also find • offensive moves and countering defensive moves; • 120 drills for beginning, intermediate, and advanced players; • coaching points for each drill; • a fitness program for soccer; • sample game situations and how to coach in those situations; • 246 high-quality illustrations of field diagrams and skill execution; and • methods of coaching that are appropriate for individuals or groups.
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