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Football also called soccer and occasionally known colloquially in Britain as footy is the most popular team sport in the world in both number of spectators and number of active participants. The international governing body of football is the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). In many parts of the world, particularly in Europe, South America and ever increasingly in Africa, football is more than just a game: it is a way of life. Millions of people play for amateur clubs or regularly go to a stadium to follow their home team and avidly watch the game on television, some are even taking further with actively betting at top bookmakers. Countries from these areas dominate the international game.

On this Side you will find more detailed information about this brilliant Sport. You will find information about the FIFA, UEFA and much more. We hope you enjoy it? 

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  • The History of Soccer - The history of soccer shows that so many ancient cultures played a sport similar to modern soccer that no one can say with any certainty when or where soccer began. But it is known that the earlier varieties of what later became soccer were played almost 3000 years ago. Want to know more? Here you can find detailed information about the History of Soccer in different parts of the World.
  • The FIFA - Football worldwide is organised along simple and yet efficient structures. The FIFA Congress, responsible for legislative matters, is the supreme body whose decisions are then implemented at global, continental, national and local level. Here you can read more about the FIFA.
  • The UEFA - The Union of European Football Associations, or in French, Union des Associations Européennes de Football, almost always referred to by the abbreviation UEFA, is the administrative and controlling body for European football. Here you can find many interrestin information about this Association.
  • The Soccer Facts - Did you know that the first goal in the first World Cup was scored by Laurent a French player in 1930. The 100th by Schiavol, an Italian player in 1934. The 1000th by Rensenbrink, a Netherlander in 1978 and the last one by Ronaldo the Brazil player in the World Cup 2002. Here we have some other interresting facts of the World of Soccer.
  • The Greatest Player - Soccer is changing everday, every hour. In other words, Soccer changes with every Kick- Off. But there are some moments, some players that have a place for ever in the history of soccer.There are moment of celebrations that never get lost in History, and players that achieved these Triumphs. This page is actually about some of these players.
  • The Soccer Rules - Here you can find a List of all Official Soccer Rules including the Refree and Assisten Rules.
  • The Soccer Glossary - Don't know much about this fascinating game? Here's we have combined a list of some phrases you might hear on the soccer field. Just a Klick away!
  • Books about Soccer - There are dozens of interesting Books about Soccer. Here you will find some selected tips, that will tell you more about the History of Soccer, how to roast and brew Soccer and much more.

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